1. Stop GE Salmon from reaching Supermarkets

    Only 1 day left to stop GE salmon from swimming into our supermarkets! On April 26, the FDA will close what will likely be the final comment period before it makes a decision on approving this frankenfish. The time to submit your comment opposing GE salmon is now!

    • GE salmon has been shown to contain elevated levels of the hormone IGF-1,which has been linked to causing cancer in humans.
    • Just a handful of GE salmon escapes could wreak havoc on our ocean ecosystems, potentially destroying the local, wild salmon population for good.


    Submit Your Comment to the FDA by Friday

  2. Second Look at the Basics of Aging Well

    Editor Note:  We provide Poly MVA for IV infusions and oral.

    (from Poly-MVA news) Americans are living longer than ever before, and the number of older adults in the U.S. is growing. Ensuring proper nutrition, staying active, maintaining mental sharpness, avoiding bad habits, and continuing to engender social and spiritual connections are all integral to healthy aging. In the March issue of National Practitioner magazine, the article “Examining Anti-Aging” – co-authored by Janet Poveromo and AMARC Enterprises CEO Al Sanchez – takes a look at how all these approaches, including nutritional approach from supplements such as CoQ10, Corvalen and Poly-MVA, can lead to increased metabolism and quality of life for years to come.

    Read Full article from Natural Practitioner

  3. Orthomolecular Tip – Fish Oil

    Fish oil is a safe, natural treatment for depression, bipolar and other mood disorders, without harmful side effects. Over 20 studies in the past decade have shown improved mental health with fish oil consumption. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for optimal function in our brain cells–but we cannot manufacture them internally.  Fish oil supplements ensure proper brain function.

    Source: www.alternativetomeds.com

    Image Credit: Fish Oil Capsules