Patient: Connie

Dr. Kristine Reese is a miracle worker! Her new associate, Dr. Hadassah Hilewitz, is a delight and is also definitely a part of the functioning team.

As a 70 year old my stamina has been such that even though I stopped running regularly in my early 50s, I still run across a parking lot now and then, just for the sheer joy of it!

Yet on February 8, 2015 I found myself admitted to the hospital overnight for serious shortness of breath following a severe case of the flu. The subsequent scans showed breast cancer metastasized to the pleural sac of the right lung with 3 axial lymph nodes of the left side involved as well. An X-ray of the lungs showed the right pleural sac to be quite full of cancer generated fluid squeezing the lung, so getting a full breath was impossible.

My normal energy which was usually a 10 had tanked, becoming a 2. I looked forward to getting out of bed in the morning, but that was the end of it! Just getting up and dressing consumed most of my energy for the day. Making meals became a job for the men in our household. I couldn’t do it! Having a walker helped as I could lean on it around the house and extend my range a little farther than the recliner!

Quickly, on February 12, Dr. Reese started my first IV of a multi-nutrient formula. She recommended 2 IV’s per week of high dose vitamin C and artemesinin but I said, “Let’s do 3 IVs and get this thing moving faster!” She agreed. So 3 it was, doing H2O2 and Poly MVA alternatively.

The fluid in the pleural sac was full of malignant adenocarcinoma cells at the first aspiration in the hospital. But after the 5th IV, on Feb 24, the fluid showed no malignant cells, only inflammation products! Fluid generation in the right lung rapidly diminished. It went from 0.45 liters/day to 0.12 liters/day after only 3 weeks of IVs! This was all before any conventional medicine intervention in the form of hormone suppression tablets. The fluid accumulated since the last aspiration on March 6 had all resorbed and the lungs sounded clear as of April 21.

Dr. Reese has returned my life! Starting with stamina of only a 2 in mid February, it progressed to a 5 in 2 ½ weeks; then on to a 7 by 4 weeks; and a 9 after 8 weeks of IVs!! The “joie de vivre” was definitely back! As I write this on May 1, I’ve been at a 9.5 energy level for a couple of weeks! It feels SO GOOD to feel good!!

My conventional medicine oncologist at UCSD felt that hormone suppression tablets were all that I would need at this point to shrink the cancer long term. She gave them to me on March 7 after receiving the diagnosis of a ductile carcinoma tumor in the left breast. When she saw me again on April 7 she seemed incredulous at how well I was doing! I suppose she’s not accustomed to seeing people doing so well so quickly!

Mind you, a person doesn’t just sit back and let the good doctors do all the work. They have several things for you to do at home. There are a number of oral supplements to be taken to augment the IVs, and some physical things to do as well to accelerate healing. It is very much a team effort. Both doctors are quite responsive to questions and extremely helpful. It’s wonderful to have such a competent leader at the helm!!