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Master Medical Aesthetician
Body Contouring Expert
Certified Permanent Make-Up Artist
Beauty & Yoga Expert

JuliannaJulianna is licensed in the state of California and multiple other states, She has been a clinical aesthetician for over 30 years, bringing extensive background and knowledge in cosmetic procedures, services and products. She has been trained by several highly respected ambassadors and physicians in the aesthetic industry. She is dedicated to improving her patients’ overall appearance from head to toe, and thrives on making people feel more confident as a result. Julianna’s extensive knowledge of skincare products and procedures will ensure THE BEST treatment and result available in our industry. With decades of experience, you can rely on Julianna to deliver personalized and consistent visible results. She is passionate about skin care and helping her clients achieve superior results. By combining her extensive background in clinical ingredients, together with the latest technical advances, she is able to personalize a successful custom regimen for every client. Julianna is committed to being the highest example of health and beauty for her customers, and for herself.

Mckenna is a Beauty & Yoga Expert, licensed and certified Medical Aesthetician & Body Contouring Expert. Mckenna will work closely with you to obtain your skin care dreams and body-shape goals. Our non-surgical body sculpting technologies allows Mckenna to thrive in her area of expertise. Her vast knowledge of cosmeceuticals and cross training in Yoga treatments for Face, Body & Mind ensures that you’ll get the best treatment available in the country. Her sweet and sincere disposition, coupled with serious results and compassion, are a winning combination! Both male and female clients leave satisfied, nurtured and with a renewed sense of confidence.