Optimizing Joint Health

This is a great article from Nordic Naturals featured a new supplement which sounds like a fantastic combination. An estimated 70 million Americans suffer from chronic joint discomfort.1 While NSAIDS or their herbal substitutes are commonly used for relief of symptoms, research supports the use of a number of other protocols to maintain healthy joints.*Omega-3s EPA and DHA are shown to support healthy joints by promoting joint flexibility, normal range of motion, and symptom-free exercise.2, 3 To do so, EPA and DHA work together by modulating cellular stress signals.* Research supports a range of 1.7–9.6 grams of EPA+DHA daily for normal joint function.3*

Glucosamine sulfate, a compound naturally found in joints, has been shown to decrease the joint friction that causes discomfort by helping to build thick joint fluid and cartilage. Research shows that when 1500 mg of glucosamine sulfate is combined with omega-3s EPA and DHA, it works best to reduce stiffness and joint discomfort.4, 5

Lastly, UC-II®, a natural ingredient that contains a glycosylated undenatured type-II collagen, has also been shown to support joint comfort by decreasing cellular stress markers that cause long-term joint aches. In one study, after 120 days of supplementation, subjects taking 40 mg of UC-II daily showed significant improvement in knee extension, exercised longer without experiencing joint discomfort, and were relieved of the joint discomfort from strenuous exertion.6

Nordic Naturals ProOmega® Joint Xtra is the ideal foundation of every joint-health protocol. This convenient, one-of-a-kind formula offers research-backed levels of UC-II, glucosamine sulfate, and concentrated omega-3s, delivering nearly a gram of combined EPA+DHA per serving.

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