Life Credit Company (LCC) offers financial support through an innovative program that allows patients diagnosed with cancer to qualify for a loan against their life insurance policy.

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Here’s how it works:

Through LCC’s Living Benefit program, you can receive a cash advance of up to 50 percent of your life insurance policy’s death benefit while still preserving coverage for your family.

This program is designed to assist with treatment expenses such as travel, co-pays and out-of-network prescriptions. The funds may also be used to replace lost income and to consolidate debt.

Program features:

·   Keep your policy. Retain part of your life insurance policy for your family’s protection.

·   No loan payments. You will never be required to make loan payments of any kind.

·   No more premiums. Life Credit will pay all of your life insurance policy’s future premiums.

·   Fast Approval. Loans are typically approved in three days from receipt of application.

·   No credit checks. You will never be declined due to poor credit or lack of income.

Life Credit Company works with all types of life insurance policies above $75,000 (including group and term). For more information on this program, please contact Life Credit at 
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