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Do You Have Moles, Growths, Cancerous Lesions, Tags or other skin issues?

Come to the Skin Clinic and see if this treatment is right for you…


Dr. Kristine Reese, ND Skin Clinic

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Tuesday, May 19th from  10am-6 pm

LotusRain Naturopathic Clinic

5210 Balboa Ave Suite F, San Diego, CA 92117


The process is a safe, effective, proprietary acidic liquid compound and is gently applied onto the lesion. The liquid instantly constricts the lesion’s capillaries, turning it white & restricting its nutrient supply.  A scab forms in a few days & drops off in a few weeks, leaving esthetically pleasing skin. The best results are achieved with any size growths on the face. Mild de-pigmentation may occasionally occur on the arms, legs, & torso, especially when melanin-containing or cancer-prone flat areas are treated. Once a deeper layer of pigment has been exposed, it can be safely retreated until the removal is complete.

To schedule apt online visit:

doctorTevents.com and click on Skin Clinic Appointments

OR call Caroline Andrews –Area Coordinator at

760-487-8482 or email at sandiego@ecopolitan.com

Treatment proceeds & donations support distressed

Nepali communities & children,

preventing child trafficking

Visit www.Nepali-Children.org  for information

 Thank you for supporting this humanitarian cause! 

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