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Primary Care Visit to LotusRain Naturopathic Clinic

LotusRain provides primary care for all ages including adults, children and seniors. Through our primary care, we treat many different conditions such as chronic fatigue, hormone imbalance, candida and other infections, autoimmune disease, respiratory and digestive issues, central nervous system disorders and more. We invite you to call us today and schedule a primary care visit at our San Diego Naturopathic Clinic.


Primary Care

Prior to Your First Visit
Please complete all of the intake forms prior to your first primary care visit to our San Diego naturopathic clinic. Your naturopathic medicine intake package is thorough and may take some time to fill out. Please note that you may need to consult medical records or speak with family members to answer some of our questions.

Your First Visit
Your first visit to our San Diego naturopathic clinic will last approximately 60 to 90 minutes. The initial visit consists of an in-depth review of your health concerns and goals, as well as gathering information on all aspects of your health including past trauma/illnesses or surgery, family medical history, environmental exposures, diet, emotions, exercise habits, relaxation and more.

The necessary physical examinations are then performed by the Doctor. Initial treatments are started and necessary labs are ordered or requested. Between the first and second visit, the doctor reviews all of your information and designs a comprehensive Optimal Health Plan© taking into consideration all of your goals and needs.

Your Second Visit
During your second visit, we discuss options for naturopathic care that are tailored to you. Together, we decide which treatment options are most appropriate at this time in your life. At LotusRain Naturopathic Clinic, it is fundamental that you feel empowered to make decisions about your health and healing process.

Your Follow-Up Visits
Follow-up visits are scheduled to monitor your progress and, if necessary, to refine and expand your plan of care. As you regain a sense of vitality, our visits will focus on health maintenance through the development of a personalized prevention plan. The frequency of your visits will depend on the pace of your progress, the type of therapy you chose, and the amount of support you need to implement your Optimal Health Plan©.


  • Custom botanical tinctures, herbal teas, topicals and capsules
  • Nutrient-vitamin-mineral therapies, including IV’s
  • Individually designed diet and nutrient plans
  • Natural hormone replacement therapy
  • Homeopathy – constitutional and combination remedies
  • Counseling
  • Exercise program planning
  • Detoxification programs including heavy metal chelation

Our Services