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Immune IV

Going on a trip? Know you’ve been exposed to an infection? Feel like you’re coming down with something? Fighting a cold or flu that just seems to linger on? Have a tendency to contract colds/flu easily?

Get a boost by taking in the nutrients you need to support your immune system, ensure optimal immune function and help the immune system fight infection with the added anti-microbial properties of herbs and micro-nutrients.

Benefits of Immune IV

The benefits of an immune IV as administered as part of our services at LotusRain naturopathic Clinic in San Diego is the ability to assist our natural defense forces in staving off any current or impending infections. Often the nutrients needed to support our immune system in optional function are deficient or not being properly assimilated. An Immune IV gives that extra boost to the immune system, ensuring its ability to fully function. The Immune IV also includes natural non-toxic anti-microbial agents, helping the body to actively fight any existing infection.

Specialty Types of Immune IVs available:

  • Shingles: Stop the viral spread and reduce pain with an immune IV plus the anti-viral support of IV Lysine
  • Lyme: Boost your body’s ability to fight Borellia and co-infections with a high potency Immune IV plus anti-virals and a whopping dose of Vitamin C
  • Hepatitis C: Boost your body’s ability to fight the virus and decrease the viral load an Immune IV topped with anti-virals and a hefty dose of Vitamin C

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