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Botanical Medicine

With the rich variety of plants on this planet, many have been found to have therapeutic benefit for the body. Some of these herbs have undergone multiple research trials on their effectiveness. Others have an extensive history of use in the clinical setting. Substantial knowledge of historical herbal indications further permits customization of individualized herbal formulas.

Are There Benefits to Leaves, Roots and Berries?

With their long history of use and a large body of scientific research to support their efficacy and safety, botanical medicines are relied upon as an effective tool in naturopathic medicine and in mainstream European healthcare.

The therapeutic properties of plants are as vast as they are complex. Many pharmaceuticals are synthetic reproductions of active plant compounds, isolating only that part of the plant that is demonstrated to produce a specific physiological response. Phytotherapy differs in that it takes into account biochemical research, which reveals that complimentary compounds are often present in the same plant. When taken together (as a whole plant), the one compound prevents some of the potential side effects of others, mitigating the side effects we see when active compounds are isolated in pharmaceuticals.

To ensure that you receive exact amounts of the active ingredients of each herb, I use the highest quality standardized plant extracts available. To protect you from pesticides and ensure the sustainable use of plant medicines, wherever possible, we source organic products.

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