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Dr. Joseph Dubroff, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr Joseph DubroffNaturopathic Medicine’s highest ideal is that nature heals, which also means that the Body Mind Heals! Dr. Dubroff’s original interest in medicine is this very ideal. He’s committed to aiding his patients in the process by taking the time and interest in each case to discover solutions through your unique and personal history, physical examination and laboratory evaluation.

Dr. Dubroff utilizes a broad range of therapies to assist nature in healing what imbalances us. Some of these therapies he uses are clinical nutrition, IV therapy, botanical medicine, classical homeopathy, bio-identical hormones, counseling, hydrotherapy, peptide therapies and prolotherapy and other pain curative procedures.

“I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to study naturopathic medicine and likewise continue to broaden my knowledge of the art and science of medicine every day! Even more so to be honored by a place in people’s lives to assist them in health, healing and discovery. To me there is no place equal on this planet as to know you have helped someone!”

Dr. Dubroff graduated from National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in 2002. He completed his undergraduate studies in the field of biology graduating Cum Laude from the University of Massachusetts in 1997. During his last year at NUNM he was trained at an outpatient facility for mental health.

In 2004 as a licensed ND he went on to design and implement an extensive training course in mental health and natural medicine for the largest provider of services in Portland, OR (Cascadia Behavioral Network).

In 2007 Dr. Dubroff was hired and trained by Dr. Charles Schwarz MD, orthopedic surgeon, of Torrance CA to develop alternatives to pain management pharmacology and orthopedic surgery.

In 2009 He founded his own clinic working with medical weight loss, pain curative procedures, primary care naturopathic medicine, antiaging medicine with such therapies as integrative medicine, the new emerging peptide therapies and bioidentical hormones. Dr. Dubroff was and is excited to have joined the LotusRain Team in November 2019!

Call 619-239-LIFE (5433) to schedule a free 20-minute Consultation to learn more about Dr. Dubroff’s practice and how Naturopathic Medicine will help you achieve your Optimal Health!

Our Healing Team

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