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Najah Abdus-Salaam, BS, LAc, Master Oriental Medicine

Najah Abdus-Salaam’s love for Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine began twelve years ago with her first Acupuncture treatment. It was so profoundly powerful that she decided right then and there to become a healer. She graduated with her BS in Marketing and Advertising from Kean University in New Jersey and after working in her field for a number of years and not feeling fulfilled, Najah attended Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego where she graduated with her Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine. During her clinical work in externships at San Diego’s Senior Center at St. Lutheran Church, and the San Diego Cancer Research Institute in Encinitas, Najah’s passion to help the elderly population and those affected with terminal illnesses grew immensely. It has taught her to be a compassionate, gentle healer that has the ability to hold a safe space for her patients. Najah combines the therapeutic benefits of acupuncture, herbs, and moxabustion with sound therapy, and crystal energies. Her passion to help people is very important to her, and when she has free time, Najah loves to cook, read, meditate, practice classical Feng Shui, practice Bheemashakti Yoga, rollerblade, make jewelry and keep learning and growing to perfect her healing talents.

Chinese Medicine is a deeply healing and relaxing treatment modality, that heals the root of a problem, not just the symptoms. Chinese Medicine can help many conditions, including, but not limited to: stress, anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, female reproduction issues, adjunctive therapy to chemotherapy or radiation, common cold, allergies, and even immunity boosting. This this 4,000 year-old medicine treats all types of health problems and concerns with an array of modalities which can include:

Acupuncture – is the healing art of inserting fine needles into specific Acupressure points that invigorate blood flow, clear stagnation, boost immunity, and relax the parasympathetic nervous system to promote healing in the body.

Gua Sha – which translates to ‘skin scraping’ is done to certain areas of the body, using a specific tool that opens capillaries and allows old blood stagnation to be brought up to the surface of the body. Gua Sha is great for chronic injuries, common cold, and more long term chronic health issues.

Cupping – Fire cups, as they are also known as, are applied to the body, using a technique where the air inside the glass is displaced by the fire source (usually a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol and then lit on fire), and then removed and the cup is quickly placed on the skin to create a suction. Cupping is great for overall health, musculoskeletal issues, and chronic conditions as well.

Tui Na – Chinese Therapeutic massage that uses specific techniques, such as rolling, grasping, rocking, shaking and pinching to optimize blood flow throughout the body.

Food Therapy – Food is medicine, and the Chinese figured out a system to apply to most foods. They are broken down by the temperature, flavor and which organ system they go to. There are therapeutic guidelines that once, you learn, you can apply them to any food recipe that you create to ensure that each meal is balanced.

Chinese Herbal Therapy – Using the same system as food therapy, Chinese Herbal Medicine takes it a bit deeper. There are over 400 natural herbs that are categorized by taste, temperature, direction, organ systems, and each herb has its own functions, indications and contraindications as well. Then, the herbs can be combined into an herbal formula to maximize the herbs’ synergistic effects in the body.

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