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November 15, 2016: Don’t Let Breast Cancer Steal Second Base

This week’s episode will focus on the revolution in early breast cancer detection with thermal imaging technology. Thermal imaging can detect the earliest signs of breast cancer many years before a traditional mammogram can. We will talk with an expert in the field of thermal imaging used to detect breast cancer and discuss how to prevent breast cancer. Don’t miss out and be with us for the next Optimal Health Hour episode.
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Featured Guest


Catherine Johnson is a speaker, Certified Clinical Thermographer, and the
owner of Silk Thermal Imaging. Catherine spent 18 years in biotech research
before launching her thermal imaging practice. In 2009 she devoted herself
doing research in the breast cancer industry. In spite of spending the prior
18 years in research, during her research in 2009 she learned a lot that she
did not previously know, and if she didn’t know it, that meant most women
didn’t know it either. In July of 2009 she compiled all of her research, put
together a presentation and launched Silk Thermal Imaging. Today she
continues to educate men and women on prevention of disease rather
than detection. 

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