Remember: Cancer can be prevented.

My loyal readers,

The for-profit cancer industry is counting on you getting cancer. And while they would never admit this publicly, they secretly need a steady supply of cancer patients to keep them in business. That’s why the cancer industry never teaches cancer prevention.

But cancer, in turns out, is incredibly easy to prevent. Almost all the cancer risk factors — diet, vitamin D levels, dental toxins, exposure to other toxins, exercise habits and so on — are within your full control. But many people don’t fully realize what all the risk factors are. So they fail to prevent cancer even when it’s easy to do so.

That’s why I urge you to take this quiz brought to you by The Truth About Cancer. It asks you 13 simple questions about your diet, lifestyle, what cooking oils you use and other important information. From there, your cancer risk is calculated based on known risk factors that are documented in the medical literature.

After completing the short quiz, you’ll be sent your cancer risk assessment results along with a very valuable e-book called “22 Ways to Cancer Proof Your Life Today.”

This quiz, though, can alert you to concerning habits that might be leading you into a future cancer diagnosis. By recognizing these risk factors now, ahead of time, you can work with a qualified naturopathic physician to drastically reduce your cancer risk and even halt the growth of micro tumors you might already have in your body.

Take the cancer quiz now, read the “22 Ways to Cancer Proof Your Life Today” e-book, and get ready for the launch of The Truth About Cancer global summit, beginning in just 7 days.

Remember: Cancer can be prevented. It’s a disease that comes on slowly, usually requiring decades of poor diet, nutritional deficiencies, dental toxins, stress issues and exposure to toxic chemicals to get diagnosed. No matter what your age or health, the time to start preventing cancer is NOW and every day from here forward.

Thank you for participating in this great free source of information called The Truth About Cancer.


Bill Henderson, Author and Cancer Coach

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