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We are all aware of the importance of eating organic as well as supporting the local community. Seabreeze Farms has bee providing organic food and joy to San Diegans for over 20 years.

Farm Fresh produce and flowers delivered to your door weekly or bi-weekly via their CSA program.


From the founder:

...Seabreeze has many avenues of farm participation for the public: farm fresh deliveries of flowers, vegetables, herbs, fruit and poultry eggs for clients, our ‘raise your own’ GrowFoodKit, tours and special events, catering, cooking classes, afternoon teas for nursing home residents, wildlife walks, and a destination site for fundraising events and private parties.

I do so hope you’ll be able to garner the essence of Seabreeze from our website. We continue to face political and economic issues that challenge the stability of our goals yet we continue to feel confident our farm holds the promise of betterment for all.

Your patronage and support insures many years of continuance for which we are all most grateful. We are a 100% private enterprise.


Stephenie Caughlin and my enduringly patient husband, Kendall Cook….


Seabreeze Farm Details:

Main Website

Seabreeze Farm on Facebook



Dr. Kristine Reese, ND

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