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On March 4th over 90 of your fellow doctors, patients and naturopathic supporters are meeting in Sacramento to educate legislators about naturopathic medicine to secure support for our Scope Modernization Bill (SB 538)! Even if you aren’t able to make it in person you can still support this effort! Please take 20 seconds of your time right now to fax your state representatives through our automated system to ask for support for SB 538!

SB 538 addresses existing limitations in the Naturopathic Practice Act. Specifically, the legislation will lift the current prescription supervision requirements and also allow NDs to perform minor procedures consistent with the training of a naturopathic doctor.

The removal of these limitations will allow naturopathic doctors to practice in accordance with their training and provide comprehensive primary care services to patients. It will further reduce barriers to the growth of the naturopathic profession in California, which has been stunted as naturopathic graduates opt to practice in states where scope is reflective of full naturopathic training.

Use our pre-written letter templates and automated system to contact your state officials today to let them know that naturopathic medicine is important to you and to the success of California’s healthcare system!

There are multiple letter templates to choose from and you may customize your message. To see your letter options, be sure to click the “Switch Message” button. Please consider adding your additional commentary to our pre-written message. You can start with something like:
As a naturopathic doctor…; as a patient…; as a student…; as a supporter of naturopathic medicine…
…and then add a personal note about why this is important for you.

Thank you for alerting your state representatives to this important piece of legislation and thank you for supporting the California naturopathic community!





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