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The Optimal Health HourTuesday at 2 PM Pacific
February 07, 2017: Want to look and feel years younger? Dr. Michael Galitzer M.D. is a nationally recognized Anti-Aging and Energy Medicine expert and will share how to look and feel years younger.
This week Dr. Kristine Reese will be speaking with Dr. Michael Galitzer M.D. who is a nationally recognized anti-aging expert. Dr. Galitzer is a M.D. who practices natural, holistic, energetic and Biological Medicine. He is also an energy medicine pioneer. Tony Robbins, Suzanne Somers and other influential people from six continents routinely travel to Los Angeles to visit with him personally. He is a best-selling author on the subject of anti-aging. His patients come from around the world to him for his expertise in Energy Medicine.This is a fascinating topic you don’t want to miss.
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Featured Guest

Dr. Michael Galitzer M.D.

Dr. Michael Galitzer is a nationally recognized expert in Energy Medicine, integrative medicine, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). For more than 40 years Dr. Galitzer has been a leading figure and innovator in the field of longevity, or anti-aging medicine.Dr. Galitzer graduated from SUNY Upstate Medical School, and in 1973 he moved to Los Angeles, where he practiced Emergency Medicine for 15 years. (He was among the first 100 doctors in the U.S. to become board certified in Emergency Medicine.) Eventually he began studying integrative medicine, including herbs, nutrition, Energy Medicine, and homeopathy, and in 1990 he completed a course in Medical Acupuncture, whi…..

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