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Ayurvedic and Naturopathic practices utilized for common diseases, aks: alternative healing practices, help you maintain a healthy life style.  So while COVID-19 continues to take centre stage in our lives, it’s important we continue to maintain our immunity.  The effects of exercising, eating well, getting adequate rest, nutrients and supplmentation, etc. can’t be contested.

Often, we have conversations related to boosting immunity, foods and herbs that can be added to the diet, breathing exercises to incorporate in our daily routine, yogic exercises to strengthen the body, treatment and practices that can help. Read on for recommendations to treat colds, coughs, hair loss, flat feet and other conditions using ayurvedic and naturopathic practices.

Allergic Rhinitis

As the name says, allergic rhinitis is a condition resulting from allergies. Symptomatically, this can be treated by finding out the allergy and avoiding them. Besides yoga kriyasjalneti is immensely helpful. Practice pranayama regularly. Avoid dairy products, cold foods, deep-fried items, etc. It is advisable to do a CBC and IgE test to find Woman Coughing (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)out the allergy markers. Then, a detailed dietary and herbal medicine can be discussed for complete treatment. Salt-water steaming is also beneficial.

Sore Throat

A sore throat can happen due to a respiratory problem, or it could be the result of hyperacidity leading to gastro-oesophagal reflux. If you tend to have problems related to respiratory functions such as allergies, running nose, sneezing etc, then gargling with salt water or triphala water will help you a lot. Besides, you can also try gargling with mullet boiled in water. A paste of ginger, turmeric and honey is also beneficial. A kada can be prepared with tulsi, turmeric, shunt and garlic along with jaggery. Sipping this concoction while experiencing acute conditions is beneficial.

Flat Feet And BunionsSmall faces painted on the soles by Timof |

Flat foot and bunions are mostly a structural issue and may be a result of improper posture, or other structural changes. Proper physiotherapy rehab exercises can help in treating flat foot. There are foot rollers available and some of them come with acupressure surfaces. You can also get insoles for the shoes which need to be custom made. For bunions, please rule out any association with rheumatoid arthritis. If they are acute then rule out high uric acids as well. If there is pain, then soak your feet in saline water with a drop of rosemary essential oil; this will help to some extent. But postural correction and proper exercise is the key to resolving this condition.


It’s important to figure out the type of headache you have. It could either be a congestive headache which is stress-induced or it could be due to migraine attacks usually Man Suffering From Headache By 9nong | www.shutterstock.comcaused by the H.Pylori infection in the stomach. Correcting the diet will help to some extent. Besides this, liquorice extracts are beneficial. Also, consume 1 tsp apple cider vinegar with a glass of water before meals twice a day to correct the stomach acid secretions. Use probiotics in your diet. Fermented aloe vera or even fermented rice gruel is very effective. Do practice breathing exercise and meditation regularly.

Cold And Sneezing

Cold due to seasonal or environmental reasons needs to be treated first by finding out what is causing the allergy. However, steam inhalation with saline water, doing nasya with two drops of pure desi ghee followed by jalneti with saline water will really help to desensitise the nasal mucosa and reduce the allergic responses. Avoid all histamine-rich foods. You can look up the list online. In order to maintain an Cold And Flu by PaulaPhoto | www.shutterstock.comoptimum body temperature, good breathing practices, proper hydration and consumption of enough veggies and fruits will help. Intermittent fasting twice a week also helps.

LotusRain Naturopathic Medicine

At LotusRain we have an Acute Treatment Plan that we utilize frequently, especially during the winter and flu seaons. If you would like our Acute Treatment Plan, email us HERE and we’ll send a digital copy via email.

Our healing modalities employ a broad range of evidence-based diagnostics and therapies from Western medicine, functional medicine, and worldwide healing traditions that work with the body’s innate intelligence and ability to restore balance and wellness.  In the past decade, research has validated numerous benefits of integrative and Ayurvedic modalities including herbs and spices; diet; timing of meals, sleep and exercise.   We invite you to take part in natural healing at LotusRain and live in optimal health.


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Disclaimer: The suggestions and statements made are only recommendations and in no way prescriptive. Please use your discretion and discernment.

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