Patient: Christy

Dearest Dr. Reese,
You saved my life and this letter is LONG over due.
As I write this I am sitting here in tears remembering my first visit with you on October 4, 2009. I was certainly a mess that day. I was so frustrated with pain, over-tired from lack of sleep and generally not feeling well everyday, for months. I didn’t know what to do or where to turn.

On that day, I went to work and had a melt down. I was so overwhelmed and I was battling some major anxiety. I just could not live like that anymore. I had lost hope and I was frightened. I had hit my wall. I didn’t have enough good days to make up for the bad days. I could not do my job, and with no job I would have no income, and the rest you can imagine. Luckily, I believe in the laws of attraction and the timing of the universe, I just had to remember that I believed it. Desperately, I asked everyone I knew for a referral. That morning, I called every one of those referrals. I knew the right person would call me back. That person would have an appointment that day. You called me that day. Not your office, or your receptionist, which would have been fine, but YOU called me yourself. You had an appointment available that day. A free consolation! That day changed my life.

Just walking into the office I immediately felt better. The energy is so positive and healing. And when I met you all I could see was lightness. Light at the end of the tunnel, I might say. You sat with me and you listened, you asked questions and you let me explain my answers, instead of moving on to the next one. You looked at me and you listened, and wrote feverishly all of my lamentations of the myriad of symptoms, problems, and my own suggested self diagnoses and theories I had on what I thought could possibly have been wrong with me. I was so tired of trying to figure it all out myself, I felt I had to tell you everything so I could finally get it out of my head, and so you would have all of the information I thought you would need. As if my “case” were impossible. You were unbelievably patient.

I know this is not a quick fix, this is real healing from the inside out. It is complete and total wellness. This is flexible and changing, just as our bodies flex and change. I am learning to work with my body instead of fighting it. I could document the process here bit by bit, but suffice it to say that no matter what you were there for me. If I needed you, you saw me, if I emailed you, you answered, and if I called, you called me back. You were there for me, in the beginning, in the middle and I know you will be there for the rest, because I’m keeping you.

There are so many people out there that suffer everyday, and they suffer in silence, and they suffer in fear of never feeling well again, or missing work, or not being able to take care of their family. They are frustrated with side effects of harmful, poisonous synthetic, pharmaceutical drugs, They are frustrated with our healthcare system which simply puts band-aids on our boo boos and sends us home. It breaks my heart, I feel their pain. I am happy to say that I am here to tell anyone, there is no need to suffer. There is hope. That hope is you, and Naturopathic medicine. TRUE Naturopathic medicine. I had no idea the depth of this field, or of the available support for whatever ails you! It is natural, gentle and effective.

I am so excited! I am on my way to total optimal health. I went from suffering to functioning to thriving. Everyday is a celebration. I feel so fortunate to have found you. I count my lucky stars every night. I am so very, very grateful. How do you thank someone for giving you back your life?

Thank you for giving me back my life.

Big Giant Hugs,

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