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Patient: Deb

As an Emergency Physician for over 25 years I have worked alongside hundreds, if not thousands of doctors, and one thing I know for sure is… it takes a doctor to know a doctor. More specifically, it takes a doctor to “know” a great doctor!

Let me explain. Patients “know” their doctors only in the immediate sphere of their own health issues. Friends may “know” a doctor as a fun (or not so fun) person to spend time with and share some of their life experiences. Spouses may “know” a doctor as the loving, caring person with whom they share their most intimate hopes and dreams of the future. But a fellow physician can very quickly sense the character, integrity, and clinical acumen of another physician in ways no one else can. As doctors we all have “chinks” in our armor but some of us have serious armor defects that are apparent only to the trained, experienced eye of our doctor colleagues.

It only took a two hour “cup of tea” for me to realize that Dr. Kristine Reese was not your run-of-the-mill physician. As a graduate of Bastyr, one of only 5 accredited Naturopathic Medical Schools in the country, Dr. Reese has distinguished herself in many areas of expertise. She brings to the table a comprehensive understanding of disease in the traditional “Western Medicine” sense and blends with it her in-depth knowledge of the powerful wellness the body is capable of achieving when given the proper nutritional, emotional, medical, and physical support.

Working together with Dr. Reese in consultation on several patients made it clear to me that she was exactly the intelligent, knowledgeable, compassionate, type of physician that I wanted to have for myself and my spouse…and she is now our family physician. She is one of those very rare doctors who not only practices the “Science of Medicine” to a very high degree but truly practices the “Art of Medicine”.

In stark contrast to the “move them in and move them out” world of modern healthcare, where the bottom line is far too often the primary concern, Dr. Reese and the other practitioners at LotusRain Naturopathic Clinic provide an oasis of health and wellness. With the full spectrum of alternative services available at LotusRain, patients can benefit from sauna, massage chair, NuCalm, Avacen, Acupuncture,  Nutrition, and fitness…and of course Naturopathic Medicine…in a relaxing, inviting, and nurturing environment.

Dr. Reese has a passion for medicine and a dedication to her patient’s wellness that she delivers in her uniquely kind and tender way. She is the “real deal” and I am honored to call her my friend, my colleague, and my doctor.

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