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Patient: Judy

Dr. Reese,

Thank you for your commitment to excellent health care. You are a rare gem in the wide array of precious stones in the health care system. It’s hard to believe how racked with pain & suffering my body was when I met you and how smooth & sweet life is today due to proper health care. I suffered greatly with erosive gastritis (leaky gut), Epstein Barr, hypoglycemia, tow thyroid, PTSD, celiac disease, Candida and various food and external allergies prior to coming to your office.

Previously, I had been to 12 doctors (several specialists), 1 naturopath, a nutritionist & several chiropractors over a 10 year period giving me some relief but never really getting to the bottom of the problems I was having. After getting back lab results, the expertise Dr. Reese had in reading then coming up with a plan for dealing with the many Issues I then had become the reason for tremendous success and healing for my body.

Dr. Reese’s incredibly knowledge and ability to ascertain a person’s individual need for what ails them is what has kept me coming back and referring others. For me, because there was not a clear cut problem but many that intertwined within my body.  The attention to detail as well as placing current research and science with holistic medicine (being as natural as possible) brings a wealth of success to anyone who submits to real care. The team of professionals at LotusRain, led by a sensitive, caring and greatly talented doctor like Dr. Reese has changed my life for the better on every level.

Feel free to give my number to anyone suffering in the areas 1 previously mentioned so I can promote your balanced method of Health Care. Through you, & your team, prayer, responsible nutrition and a little exercise, 1 thank Jesus for you, Dr. Reese, you’ve given me back my life.

All my love and thanks,


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