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Glutathione is the most abundant antioxidant in our bodies.  In fact, virtually every organism on Earth has some glutathione in its cells. The immune system works best if the lymphoid cells have a delicately balanced level of glutathione.  As such, the role of glutathione in immunity is significant.

Research has found that glutathione modulates the behavior of many immune system cells, affecting immunity and protecting against microbial, viral, bacteria and parasitic infections.

Glutathione is a tripeptide, (cysteine, glycine, and glutamic acid) an antioxidant produced by the liver.  It is the “Key Antioxidant” in our detoxification pathways.  Even moderate changes in glutathione level have profound effects on lymphocyte functions.

“Perhaps the best indicator of the importance of glutathione is that our cellular and mitochondrial levels are directly highly associated with our cellular health, longevity and resilience.”  – Dr. Kristine Reese/Founder of LotusRain Naturopathic Clinic, San Diego CA Dr. Kristine Reese Naturopathic Doctor




When glutathione levels are healthy, that’s when the magic happens. You can not only prevent health problems, but possibly experience amazing energy, glowing skin, a strong heart, and a sharp brain.  Many people know the chef’s trick of sprinkling a little lemon juice over fruit to keep it from turning brown. Antioxidants are like that lemon juice. By consistently “sprinkling” your body with antioxidants like glutathione, you can prevent your body from “browning” or “oxidizing” which causes damage and aging of cells.

Glutathione and the Immune System

Glutathione helps your immune system stay strong and ready to fight infections. While vitamin C seems to get all the accolades when it comes to immunity, glutathione is the under-recognized supporting actor who deserves the starring role.

If suffering from a viral infection typically you don’t have enough glutathione to protect your very sensitive lung tissue.  Glutathione can help and can be administered many ways, a few are – orally, topically, inhaled and most efficacious of all, intravenously.

Vitamin D3 — the most active form of vitamin D — is a powerful talking point in medicine because it regulates the immune system. And, when glutathione levels are low, vitamin D3 doesn’t work as efficiently.  Both glutathione and vitamin D3 work to modulate the behavior of many cells including the cells of the immune system.

LotusRain and Glutathione

LotusRain offers Glutathione IV’s, supplements and nutritional counseling that will help you learn how to achieve a vibrant glutathione-rich Diet.  Call, 619-239-LIFE (5433) for incredible current pricing options for Glutathione IV’s – or click HERE to schedule an appointment and get your glutathione working for you!


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