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A technology for lowering stress, accelerating recovery, and improving sleep quality without drugs – NuCalm featured in Spa & Beauty Today’s “Weekly Wellness 2021 Challenge”.

How It Works

The NuCalm system includes a few components: a mobile app and a kit including an eye mask, biosignal processing discs, and a travel case. To use, first find a comfortable place to NuCalm like a bed, couch or chair—then grab your eye mask and a cozy blanket.

Connect headphones to your smart device, connect to the NuCalm app, and select a ‘journey’ that best meets your current needs and the maximum time you have available per session before turning your phone to “Do not disturb.” Cover your eyes and relax to the calming sounds available within NuCalm’s library.

A technology for lowering stress, accelerating recovery, and improving sleep quality without drugs- NuCalm can be used any time of day, although the afternoon is ideal so that your body can rest and restore when it starts to naturally dip. The biosignal processing discs deliver biological signals to slow down brain activity so the body can enter a proper state of relaxation. This, combined with the proprietary neuroacoustic software, is designed to pace brain waves at an optimal level where restoration and recovery occur. Because the brain recognizes these as cues to relax, the body is able to fall into deep relaxation and calm for autonomic nervous system balance.

With NuCalm, stress hormones are interrupted, leading to an array of positive outcomes including better sleep, lower blood pressure, strengthened immune function, improved emotionally stability, and enhanced performance, to name a few. Basically, you get the tremendous benefits of meditation quickly and easily. A technology for lowering stress, accelerating recovery, and improving sleep quality without drugs

User Experience

Before trying I was a bit skeptical, but quickly found that using NuCalm was easy and effective. Unfortunately, I’m not able to take a break for NuCalm in the afternoon, but found it beneficial when I had a chance to use it in the evening. When logging into the app, you’re able to choose a ‘journey’ depending on what your body needs ranging from rescue/recovery and reboot to restore balance, creative energy, and recharge for the benefits of a power nap. There is also a 3-Day Kickstart option, which I opted for to get my feet wet.

Upon putting in my ear buds and eye mask, I challenged myself to at least 20 minutes each day. I noticed my breathing quickly slowed and deepened, and my body melted into a calm state between consciousness and sleep. I felt minor tingling and muscle twitching, which are normal responses to blood flow and relaxation. I slept great and noticed an improvement in my mood and energy levels each day after. Waking up for early morning gym sessions became easier, and I felt calmer and more rested than before. I’m looking forward to continual use!

NuCalm recommends sessions at least two to four times a week for a minimum of 20 minutes. Various factors such as sleep deprivation, stress, illness, injury and others will also affect the needed length and frequency of your session.

While jet lag may seem far from the PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injuries that NuCalm was originally invented to help, that’s the “beauty” of NuCalm. There are so many other benefits that NuCalm provides when it stops stress: improved sleep, uplifted mood, increased energy, quicker physical recovery, boosted immunity and enhanced focus.

NuCalm is cumulative, so the more you use it the more you will feel its powerful effects.

Authorized NuCalm Provider

LotusRain Naturopathic and IV Clinic is an authorized provider of NuCalm, a technology for lowering stress, accelerating recovery, and improving sleep quality without drugs  Please book your appointment HERE.



[Photo image: Alisha Racker]

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