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Have you ever said to yourself “I don’t feel well – what can I do?”?  Well, then you’re not alone. Dr. Michael Galitzer sits down to talk about energy medicine, outstanding health and how we can help to re-establish balance in our bodies.

Dr. Galitzer is a leading figure and innovator in the field of Energy Medicine to maximize longevity.  Dr. Galitzer focuses on helping his patients, and now the NuCalm community with his valuable advice, to help each part of the body work together in concert to play its best symphony. dr galitzer posting for anti-aging

NuCalm Master Series

In this series, Dr. Galitzer discusses his discovery of energy medicine, how he has built a practice around it, and how everyone can use it to optimize health. He speaks about how we can re-establish homeostasis by draining toxins from our body, how we can balance adrenal and hormonal levels.  He also discusses the power of energy medicine, deep breathing, exercise, and supplements.

Hormonal System

The more balanced your hormone levels, the higher you function—physically, mentally, and emotionally. They help fight harmful bacteria and viruses and promote an overall clean function, which includes feeling good and a more youthful appearance. Regular exercise, avoiding inflammatory foods like sugar and dairy, and managing stress are critical components to balancing your hormonal system.

Autonomic Nervous System

Balancing the autonomic nervous system enables the body to achieve and maintain homeostasis (internal stability and balance) through the coordination of various activities such as hormone secretion, circulation, respiration, digestion and excretion. Managing stress is vital to balancing your autonomic nervous system.

Dr. Galitzer examines the health of the autonomic nervous system as part of his initial patient assessment as its balance is essential for overall health. Dr. Galitzer has found that the majority of his patients initially may be fit but are not healthy overall, due to an imbalanced autonomic nervous system.

Dr. Galitzer communicated that most people’s autonomic nervous systems are imbalanced due to chronic stress and toxicity in the body. Symptoms that usually drive new patients to his practice are a lack of energy. The healthier the parasympathetic nervous system is, the healthier the person is. Dr. Galitzer is a regular user of NuCalm and recommends NuCalm to his patients.

LotusRain Naturopathic Clinic

LotusRain is part of the NuCalm movment and offer sessions at our clinic.  Please give a call or click HERE to schedule an appointment.

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