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The Radiant Achiever Show hosted by Christine Howard – Christine is one of our Lotus Family and Cancer Conquerors.  We’re pleased to share her interview here with Jody Maley, founder of the Heart Centered Entrepreneurs series.

The Radiant Achiever Show - Hosted by Christine Howard In their conversation, Jody shares many wonderful (and sometimes surprising) stories about her journey as an entrepreneur and stepping into her brilliance including:

  • How she approached the calling she received at 16
  • The key she uses in life and business that’s helped her be successful
  • How her unconventional action earned her top awards in her business
  • A key issue most women struggle with and how it helped define her own business
  • One of her favorite practices for connecting with your brilliance
  • How the Personality Dimensions tool changed the way she talks to people

Join in watching the inspiring conversation around owning your brilliance and doing business and life in your unique way.

Watch the interview HERE.  I know you will get some great nuggets to help you unlock your next level of brilliance! (You can also view all Radiant Achiever Show episodes in the Radiant Achiever app! )