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David Foreman aka ‘The Herbal Pharmacist’ teaches medicinal herbs

By August 28, 2017 October 17th, 2021 No Comments

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At the turn of century there were more Naturopathic physicians than MDs however as the pharmaceutical industry began to dominate medicine the emphasis changed from herbs and nature to synthetic mass produced medications. However there is a new trend and people are discovering that medicinal herbs are effective and safe. More and more Americans are turning to medicinal herbs to improve their health according to an NIH study, but herbal medicine actually predates human history. The word drug comes from the Dutch word “droog” which means ‘dry’ or ‘to dry’ which is in reference to how ancient healers and physicians would dry plants for use as medicines. Join us for an exciting episode with David Foreman aka “The Herbal Pharmacist” and learn how medicinal herbs that have been used for hundreds of years are increasingly becoming part of a integrative approach to treat a wide array of disease and illness.