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Help Your Body Fight Infection – Manage Your Stress

Dr. Holloway, the inventor of NuCalm, was happy to share some insights into stress and immunity in the short clip.

Stress is a natural response to demanding situations. The body’s sympathetic nervous system releases cortisol and adrenaline to protect itself; however, chronic stress causes the body to constantly releases these hormones. So, the body becomes unbalanced, resulting in inflammation, disease, and cardiovascular issues, among others.

Only when the body’s autonomic nervous system is balanced, can it recover from stress and restore itself. The parasympathetic nervous system, when activated, helps the body to feel rested and relaxed while performing activities like digestion, detoxification, and building immunity. NuCalm increases your body’s natural response to protect itself from disease and foreign bodies through stress reduction. We recommend NuCalming daily for a minimum of 20 minutes to utilize the immune building effects of NuCalm.

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