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POLY-MVA available at LotusRain – Poly-MVA promotes mitochondrial repair which improves energy production. They are found in the Krebs cycle and supporting pathways such as liver function and neurotransmitter function. It is also associated with improving white blood cell function, which is critical in chronic infections and pathologies. Poly-MVA also helps with the pH balance (pH is a very important measure of cellular activity)…and so much more.   POLY MVA AVAILABLE at LOTUSRAIN

It really is all about the Mitochondria and the energy that is produced for all our cells.  Without this in proper operation, our cells may not work so well.  This can be disrupted or fail for multiple reasons, everything from lack of oxygen and/or nutrients to being damaged by chemicals and foreign substances.  What does POLY MVA mean:

  • Poly = Palladium Lipoic Acid Complex (Pdla).
  • M = Minerals
  • V = Vitamins
  • A = Amino Acid


Poly-MVA  provides nutritional support and may offer the following:

  • Antioxidant
  • Supports oxygenation of cells and tissues
  • Helps the body/Mitochondria to produce energy
  • Supports healthy energy pathways and their multiple functions
  • A unique and powerful water/fat soluble solutions for tissue
  • Supports cells via the mitochondria

When lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant with many biological functions, is connected to an electrically-charged mineral substrate, and associated with B vitamins, the resulting complex has solubility in both water and fat. It can safely travel throughout the body, even crossing the blood-brain barrier. Its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier suggests that Poly MVA may hold great promise in supplementing cell nutrition and mitochondria.

The Poly-MVA product has a unique action because healthy cells have certain pathways. Normally, oxygen radicals are formed when fatty acids donate electrons to oxygen. These oxygen radicals have an unpaired electron charge and are unstable. Special proteins in the mitochondria convert the oxygen radicals into water and usable energy. Poly-MVA has shown to support this process increasing mitochondrial enzymes and activity.


At LotusRain, we offer POLY MVA orally and via IV.  Taken orally, Poly-MVA acts as a free radical scavenger. It’s able to cross the cell membrane and transfer electrons to DNA in the mitochondria, which protects against DNA damage. The ability to donate electrons to the mitochondria is the key to its effectiveness. This provides an alternative energy source. This can boost the immune system by replenishing key nutrients and supporting cellular metabolism.

Giving Poly MVA in an IV infusion allows for much higher doses of alpha-lipoic acid to be administered, and it is these higher doses that are linked to an anti-cancer effect, improved brain cell protection and the rapid neutralization of free radicals. Studies show that intravenous infusions of alpha-lipoic acid are both safe and effective.

To determine if Poly-MVA is right for you, just call @ 619/239-LIFE (5433) LotusRain or, book an appointment HERE.