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The ‘ketogenic diet’ and effective cancer treatment therapies

By July 25, 2017 October 17th, 2021 No Comments

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LIVE ENCORE PRESENTATION We dive deeper into the ‘ketogenic diet’ and effective cancer treatment therapies.

It is a proven vital part of an overall strategy to boost the immune system while at the same time depriving cancers cells the fuel they need to grow. Cancer cells need 18 times more sugar than normal cells to grow and prosper. The brain requires “fuel” to work and this typically is sugar derived from carbohydrates. The “Keto” diet consists of very low levels of carbohydrates however it generates ketones which the brain can easily switch to when there are low levels of sugar in the body. Cancer cells cannot use ketones to survive and grow, they must have simple sugars to survive. Join us for an exciting show and find out why the ketogenic diet is a vital part to an overall strategy to starve cancer cells.